Cloud strategy

Make the development of your business a reality, create a cloud strategy.

A cloud strategy helps to concentrate the resources on core business and to make business more profitable. It permits the control of a complex environment, as well as the improvement of future ability to deal with challenges. With the help of a cloud strategy the company’s IT-system is re-organized so that various environments can be harmonized and the end result will be a comprehensive solution that is cost effective and that meets the business’s requirements.

In the construction of a cloud strategy the company’s entire data management, digitalization and mobile services are taken into account. The purpose of the strategy is to create a comprehensive plan for all the company’s technological services. With a completed cloud strategy the implementation of cloud services will be more profitable in the future when it is possible to justify the chosen modes of operation and when all the company’s modes of operation support the needs and the objectives of business operations.

A cloud strategy is always a long term plan..


It helps to choose the best technological solutions.

It establishes how the workload can best be distributed among several clouds.

It ensures the smooth compatibility of the chosen solutions.

It supports the business objectives.

Pilvistrategian rakentaminen

Construction of a cloud strategy

Creating a vision for the data management.
Awareness of the company’s present IT-situation and clarification of the company’s business objectives. Taking account of the core needs and objectives of the business, which the IT-environment shall support, e.g. the speed of the systems and the opportunities for distance working. Creating a vision for the data management where a cloud strategy provides a plan for operations.

Definition of the technological challenges
Defining the possible technological challenges that might hamper the realization of smooth business operations. Typical challenges might be e.g. data security, capacity, speed, updating, cost structure, stability, scalability, utilization and experience of use.

Creating a chart of the principles for choosing clouds.
Create a chart how the choice of clouds is made at the present time, which future qualities are considered to be essential and what are the principles for making acquisitions in the future.

Technical chartering
A comprehensive picture is formed of the company’s present IT-environment and technical documentation is created of the present situation; the updated state of presently used software, of systems and of data protection, the roles and present state of the servers, chartering out the resources, the lifespan of different systems and equipment, and a picture of the network environment is created.

Creation of an action plan.
Realization of the opportunities to choose clouds, infrastructure and technology for the company and for its business. Establishment of good practices and a plan for organizing, implementing and choosing technology for the IT-systems in order to support the established visions.

Profit from expertise when creating a cloud strategy!

We offer our expertise in all questions and at all stages concerning cloud strategy. Existing documentation and strategy have an impact on the content as a whole, and the company’s focus may also guide the choices. In addition to creating a cloud strategy we can together build the whole entity up to practical implementation. We are experts at cloud services and we want to be your partner when developing the IT-environment.

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