Cloud-managed business network

You don’t have to get tangled up in the network

– manage networks easily

A cloud-managed business network is a complete solution that includes all the components and services of a modern and data-secure business network at a fixed monthly price. We build the service from network devices selected according to the customer’s needs, which are connected to our centralized cloud management. By building the network from uniform components, we ensure service quality and cost efficiency and enable the utilization of advanced additional features. We offer the service with an SD-WAN network solution, which allows you to easily connect the corporate networks of many offices.

Benefits of centralized cloud-management

One management view speeds up response and network failure situations can be managed remotely.

The network can be managed as self-service around the clock.

Centralized administration keeps configurations and data security consistent.

Our service includes

  • Equipment, licenses and technology supplier support agreements
  • Network cloud management with a self-service view
  • Round-the-clock network monitoring
  • Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN)
  • Monthly security updates
  • Backup of device settings to the cloud
  • Troubleshooting
  • Spare equipment service
  • Centralized cloud management

Centralized cloud-management


Centralized cloud management brings a single view into the real-time state of the entire company network, and it also enhances and automates the work related to network construction, troubleshooting and changes. The customer gets access to his own view of the cloud management, from which the network can be managed as a self-service around the clock.

Cloud management monitors the entire network environment in real time. The entire status of the network is in one view, so that disturbances can be reacted quickly and directed correctly. With this, most network failure situations can be solved completely by remote management.

From the cloud management, network device settings and information security policies are defined centrally, making installations and changes faster and the configurations always remain consistent. The system saves the device settings and their change history, which speeds up recovery from failure situations.


Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

With the help of a software-defined wide area network, a secure and high-quality business network can be implemented independently of the operator, for example by building a business network of several locations by combining connections from different operators. This brings flexibility to the acquisition of operator connections and enables cost optimization.


Firewall service

The firewall service connects the local area network to the public Internet and to the rest of the company network via a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), protecting it from information security threats. The firewall also acts as a centralized controller for local switches and WLAN access points.


Switch service

The switch service connects the cable-connected devices of the local area network together and enables their information-secure network operation. The local network switch often also serves as a power source for devices using PoE power supply, such as WLAN access points.


WLAN access point service

The WLAN access point service implements the wireless LAN of the office. It allows various mobile terminals, such as laptops, to connect to the network.

Let’s talk more?

Let’s talk more?

Jukka Tavi

Sales Director