Our data centers

The cloud services of Magic Cloud are provided from Magic Cloud’s data centers located in Finland. The data centers fulfill the requirements appointed for data center businesses. Rented server resources are produced without third party involvement.

Implementations of Magic Cloud’s server infrastructure:

  • Redundant cooling system
  • Access control system
  • Redundant fiber communication links from the data center to internet
  • High Available Clustered Firewalls
  • High Available Distribution Switches
  • Two independent Electrical Centers
  • UPS protection
  • Automatic diesel generator for longer power outages
  • Automatic fire extinction system
  • Automatic alarm system from these issues:
    • unauthorized entrance
    • interruption in internet connection
    • interruption in air conditioning
    • temperature monitoring of the data centers
    • smoke detector
    • monitoring of the locking in the data centers
    • monitoring of the power supply
    • monitoring of the humidity in the data centers
    • monitoring of the generators
    • monitoring of the fire extinction system


  • All the data in our data centers is stored on minimum by a RAID-disk type solution.
  • All the data in our data centers is backed up at least daily.
  • The condition of the servers and other devices is monitored and possible problems and mistakes are repaired proactively.
  • Magic Cloud has a technical specialist present during the workdays. Additionally, they’re available for critical problem situations mainly 24/7.
  • Magic Cloud updates and maintains the software, devices and their security regularly. For example data security updates are installed at least once a month.
  • The data center has an effective virus protection; both on individual devices and on a gateway level.