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Our small cloud gets you high

Magic Cloud provides cloud service solutions for the needs of different sized companies. Our complete service selection is provided from our server rooms located in Finland. We’ll take care of the information security and updates of the software and services.

The customer based, always easy and quick to reach customer service is included in the service agreement made with us. Become acquainted with our services by clicking the description of the product.

Together with our software vendor clients we have carried out numerous different software hosting solutions from, for example, financial management and POS systems. We also have the ability to host even bigger software.

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With the help of a cloud solution for CAD software different design software can be offered easier for the CAD software vendors and design companies can focus on their own core business.

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Accounting companies have been a central clientele for our company and our parent company for two decades. Accounting companies are Magic Cloud’s largest customer company.

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Windows desktop as a cloud service

Enables the use of personal Windows desktop independently whenever and wherever

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Software hosting services

Versatile email, calendar and communication service for business use

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Hosted Exchange email and communication service

An easy to use and certainly reliable way to encrypt email messages

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Encryption service of email

An easy to use and certainly reliable way to encrypt email messages

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Virtual services

Scaling virtual server environments inside Finnish server rooms

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ICT services and helpdesk

Maintenance and support service for servers, desktops and network devices. Customizable according to the client’s needs

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Managing and sharing of files

Cloud library for managing and sharing company’s files

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Other ICT services

Magic Cloud's versatile ICT-skills from Citrix environments to backups and different equipment are available according to the needs of the client companies

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