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Implementations of Magic Cloud’s server infrastructure:

– Redundant cooling system

– Access control system

– Redundant fiber communication links from the data center to internet

– High Available Clustered Firewalls

– High Available Distribution Switches

–  Two independent Electrical Centers

– UPS protection

– Automatic diesel generator for longer power outages

– Automatic fire extinction system

– Automatic alarm system from these issues:

  • unauthorized entrance
  • interruption in internet connection
  • interruption in air conditioning
  • temperature monitoring of the data centers
  • smoke detector
  • monitoring of the locking in the data centers
  • monitoring of the power supply
  • monitoring of the humidity in the data centers
  • monitoring of the generators
  • monitoring of the fire extinction system


  • All the data in our data centers is stored on minimum by a RAID-disk type solution.
  • All the data in our data centers is backed up at least daily.
  • The condition of the servers and other devices is monitored and possible problems and mistakes are repaired proactively.
  • Magic Cloud has a technical specialist present during the workdays. Additionally, they’re available for critical problem situations mainly 24/7.
  • Magic Cloud updates and maintains the software, devices and their security regularly. For example data security updates are installed at least once a month.
  • The data center has an effective virus protection; both on individual devices and on a gateway level.