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CAD from the cloud.

CAD virtualization, CAD as a Service, is one step closer to the future of CAD design. It improves the scalability of the design and offers cost savings as the IT know-how and the resources used for equipment aren’t needed anymore – we take care of them for you.

With the help of a cloud solution for CAD software different design software can be offered easier for the CAD software vendors and design companies can focus on their own core business. Our CAD as a Service solution is suitable both for 2D and 3D modeling.

The benefits.

Work can be boosted by separate rendering capacity.

The acquisition cost of equipment can be reduced.

Data security can be improved.

It is simple to connect the sub-contractors to the environment.

Planning can be realized irrespective of place or equipment.

Scalability of the number of users, the need for space and the effect of the graphics processor.

CAD as a Service brings scalability and saves costs.

A scalable cloud service decreases the company’s need for an own IT expert or new equipment because we answer for the IT support and updates of the cloud service. This way the client company does not have to invest in new employees or hardware. Scalability also enables the use of the CAD software regarding the amount of designers and computing power: the design company does not need to pay for unnecessary licenses. In addition, the cloud service increases the computing power of the designer when heavier models are being processed.

In addition, the service is perfect for project-based working because CAD as a Service can also be used for short periods of time. The cloud service also improves data security as Magic Cloud takes care of the data security and system updates and virus protection.

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