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Flexible file sharing and using

To use, download or save the files is independent of device. Files in Magic ShareFile are synchronized automatically and they’re also available as a mapped drive in File Explorer. This service enables an easy way to share files and it also reduces the stress on email servers.

Magic ShareFile Applications

Magic ShareFile can be used both in browser and via applications that can be downloaded to a computer or a mobile phone. Applications for different purposes are included in Magic ShareFile and are available for downloading via the browser application.

We are happy to guide you with the initialization and efficient use of the applications. Please contact our customer service in need of guidance.

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Magic ShareFile synchronization (Windows & Mac)

Magic ShareFile synchronization offers the user an easy access to files on a local computer, synchronizing files between Magic ShareFile and the computer in both directions. Therefore, all the files are principally always available on a local computer.

Browser application

Browser application is an easy way to save and transfer files inside the company or between the company and the customer. Just log in on Magic ShareFile with your Web browser and your files are available for you.

Outlook integration (Outlook, Gmail)

Outlook and Gmail integration enables sharing of links and configuration and requesting of attachments directly to the user’s own ShareFile account. ShareFile gives the receivers a link in the body of the message. Through the link the receivers can download the attachment from ShareFile. ShareFile links reduce the stress on emails and improve the data security of attachments.

Desktop Application (Windows & Mac)

ShareFile Desktop App gives the users an easy access to their ShareFile files on the computer. It enables the drag-and-drop function for your files in both directions. In addition, you can easily manage and share your own files and request other files.

Magic ShareFile in File Explorer

Citrix Files makes the folders and files visible in File Explorer or Mac Finder on your computer. You can save files directly to Magic ShareFile folders from different programs. The use of the application requires internet connection.

Save files directly to Magic ShareFile (Windows)

Print to ShareFile allows users to print files, such as Word-files, directly to ShareFile as PDF files.

Applications for mobile phones

Applications for viewing, using and saving files on mobile phones and tablets. Applications support Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android systems.

Why Magic ShareFile?


  • Easy to use and always secure way to share and manage files over the internet
  • Easy to define read-write privileges per group or individual
  • Enables sharing and downloading also for the end-user
  • Secured with 256 bit SSL encryption
  • All files will be located in Magic Cloud’s Finnish server rooms


  • Flexible storage space according to the customer’s needs
  • Simple and fast user management
  • Possibility to follow users and use of the folders via email notifications
  • Possibility to add a login portal to the company’s website
  • Possibility to create client IDs
  • Easy way to send attached files without straining the email servers
  • Fills the demands of the law according to the location of data


10,00€ / user / month
10,00€ / 10GB / month
59,00€ / 100GB / month
199,00€ / 1TB / month
Maintaining of users

Example of Magic ShareFile

3 users
20 GB storage
All together
50,00€ / month
Deployment payment
190,00€ (non-recurring)

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