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A reliable partner to software vendors

Instead of local program installations, the popularity of SaaS-program solutions is continuously increasing. Together with our software vendor clients we have carried out numerous different software hosting solutions from, for example, financial management and POS systems. We also have the ability to host even bigger software. We cooperate closely with our partner Fujitsu Finland in order to provide our software vendor customers with the best possible circumstances to Finnish software hosting.


Cloud service for your software

We are not dependent on single techniques or approaches: the company’s programs may have been carried out with several different techniques. We can build a versatile, efficient and easy cloud service platform for almost all types of different unities.

In case the company does not have an own data center, we are more than happy to answer for the cloud service platform. This enables the company to focus their work entirely on the development of their program and not on the maintenance of a data center.


Cloud service platform

In case the company desires to participate in the production of the cloud service, we offer easy and scalable virtual servers. If the company wishes to concentrate on developing the software, we can take full responsibility for the production and maintenance of the cloud service.

Our services for independent software vendors

Software hosting services

Cloud home for your software in our Finnish data centers. Enables the use of the programs independently of device whenever and wherever.

Virtual servers

Scalable virtual server environments inside Finnish data centers.

ICT services and helpdesk

Maintenance and support services for servers, desktops and network devices. Customizable according to the client’s needs.

Citrix environments

Magic Cloud's versatile Citrix know-how is available according to the needs of the customer.

MagicHotel for software vendors

We offer a cloud home for several different software, such as for financial management and POS systems. As the software is in our Finnish cloud the software vendors can focus entirely on the development of their software. The software is available for the customers of the software vendor in our cloud, which frees the end-users from many issues concerning an own IT-environment.

The amount of work between the software vendor and Magic Cloud can be divided according to the needs of the customer. In addition to the maintenance of the cloud platform, Magic Cloud can also take charge of, for example, the initialization of new customers.

Learn more about MagicHotel

Virtual servers for software vendors

We offer fast, effective and scalable virtual servers from our Finnish data centers. We provide servers for our software vendor clients to edit entirely if they wish. Alternatively, we can take care of the initialization and customization of the servers.

In addition to the traditional Windows and Linux servers, we offer SQL-servers either dedicated or from our shared cluster. With our help you will also get numerous other server solutions. We are happy to tell more about our solutions!

Learn more about virtual servers

Support and maintenance services for software vendors

We offer different support and maintenance services for software vendors. If the company wishes to focus entirely on the development of their software, we can take charge of the measures of support that serve the company’s business best.

Learn more about our IT-support and maintenance

Our Citrix know-how for software vendors

Magic Cloud is a broadly certified Citrix-partner who has experience and know-how about the planning, implementation and maintenance of different Citrix environments. We have produced different kinds of Citrix XenApps, XenDesktops and XenServers with many software vendors. If you need an accomplished and reliable partner for your Citrix development, we are happy to participate.

Learn more about our Citrix know-how

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