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Encrypted email communication

Magic SafeMail encryption service of email enables a safe and confidential way to send emails and receive replies regardless of the recipient.

Can be added to the existing email of the customer

Magic SafeMail can be added to the existing email of the customer. Supported email systems are Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Google G Suite among others. In need of absolute confidence the system will send a disposable password to the receiver’s personal mobile phone.

Magic SafeMail and Magic SafeMail Plus

The encryption service becomes in two different packages.

Magic SafeMail is suitable for basic use. The visual layout is designed by Magic Cloud. Magic SafeMail Plus can be designed according to the wishes of the customer, and it includes several security levels.

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• Can be added to the existing email of the customer
• Suitable for sending messages to receivers who do not use the encryption service because opening the message does not require any registrations or installations (Ad-Hoc)
• Automatic encryption of replies. Applies also for the attachments of the reply
• Enables communication on different security levels that can be compared to traditional postal practices:
“Letter”: Email traffic is encrypted
“Registered letter”: Email traffic is encrypted and the receiver will be confirmed with a disposable PIN-code delivered via SMS


Customized layout (A customized layout offered to the company)

• The layout of the notification of an encrypted email in Magic SafeMail can be customized according to the preferences of the customer
• The layout of the message view in a browser in Magic SafeMail can be customized according to the preferences of the customer
• The layout of the site of encrypted inbound messaging can be customized according to the preferences of the customer
• The logos and photos of the customer can be used in the customization
• The colors of the layout will be customized according to the preferences of the customer

Data security monitoring of email messaging (DLP – Data Loss Prevention)

• Monitoring of outbound messaging that separates the use of confidential material and the attempts of movement in the company’s emails
• Enables monitoring of the fulfillment of the organization’s instructions and rules
• Statistics of the process of confidential information
• Processing in accordance with the data security policy
• Automatic encryption of confidential emails based on an identifier (e.g. “confidential”) found in a message or file of a sender or receiver

Encrypted inbound messaging (D-Compose)

• An external party can proactively start confidential messaging via a link either found on the company’s website or given to the party beforehand. A message sent via the link arrives as an encrypted email in the receiver’s inbox.
• The service is used over a protected TLS connection with browser
• The addresses accepted as message senders and receivers can be specified, and user authentication can also be required
• Possibility to offer the sender the desired recipient addresses to select from, thereby forwarding requests for feedback or tenders to the correct e-mail address.

Transparent messaging (D-Network)

• Transparent and protected email messaging with Magic SafeMail and Deltagon D-Network
• Opportunity for customers and stakeholders to completely transparent and confidential email messaging inside the network
• The recipients receive a protected message inside their own email program (no message view opening in a browser)

Why Magic SafeMail?


  • Confidential way for sensitive communication (account or personal information, passwords etc.)
  • The content of messages as well as attached files are kept privileged
  • Secures the messages to any receiving email address
  • Enables two-way encrypted email communication

Easy to use

  • Works with most commonly used email systems
  • Works also on mobile phones
  • Works without any installations
  • Doesn’t require any registration or installations from the receiver (Ad-Hoc)
  • No user training needed

Price list

Magic SafeMail email encryption service
Price 8,50€ / user/ month
Price 290€ (non-recurring)
Magic SafeMail Plus
Request for an offer of the optimized Magic SafeMail Plus service!


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