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Same document to several parties

With the help of MagicSign, documents can be signed by several different parties regardless of their location. The date of the signature is saved automatically and the authenticity of the signed document can be verified afterwards. The sender is also able to monitor the status of the document, and the signing process can be canceled if needed.


Why MagicSign?

Flexibility and security

  • Fast and secure way to sign documents
  • Easy and effortless implementation
  • Possibility for several people to sign the same document
  • Possibility to save the procuration of a user
  • Signing can be done by hand or with browser certificates or access codes
  • Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish identification techniques supported
  • Responsive application that works on any devices
  • The authenticity of the signed document can be verified
  • Possibility to monitor the status of the signature process
  • Integration of the signature to the back-end systems


  • MagicSign environment can be personified according to the wishes of the customer
  • Supported languages are Finnish, Swedish and English
  • No installations

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