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Customer-oriented cloud service partner who knows the needs of accounting companies

Accounting companies have been a central clientele for our company and our parent company for two decades. Accounting companies are Magic Cloud’s largest customer company, which is why we can claim that we know the needs and wishes of different accounting companies inside out.

We provide cloud service solutions that ease and simplify the routines and activities of accounting companies. The services enable for example the use of financial management software from the cloud and transferring of confidential files electronically from the customers to the accounting companies.

Our services for accounting companies

Windows desktop as a cloud service

Enables the use of a personal Windows desktop independently whenever and wherever

Software hosting services

Cloud home for your software in our Finnish server rooms. Enables the use of the programs independently of device whenever and wherever

Hosted exchange e-mail and communication service

Versatile email, calendar and communication service for business use

Encryption service of e-mail

An easy to use and certainly reliable way to encrypt email messages

MagicDesk for accounting companies

MagicDesk virtual desktop is suitable for accounting companies because of its several features that ease the working notably. MagicDesk gives the perfect tools for remote working. A virtual desktop is accessible on any devices, which enables the user to start working at the office and continue the work later at home without turning off the desktop. The files and software on the desktop are always available, and for example the financial management software are always accessible on all devices, whether you are using a computer or a tablet.

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MagicHotel for accounting companies

We have gathered our experience of financial management software hosting for over fifteen years. We have transferred dozens of different accounting company software to the cloud. We are able to transfer almost any kind of financial management software to the cloud with our experience and know-how. We answer for the functionality of the software, installation of updates and backups. We acknowledge the possible rush with financial statements and the deadlines of tax account taxes, which is why the accounting company can trust us completely even during rush hours.

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MagicMail for accounting companies

MagicMail has proved to be a reliable and practical e-mail and communication solution among different accounting companies. MagicMail is easy to use and can be customized according to the user’s needs. Its calendar and note features make the hectic office life easier and simpler. The e-mail and calendar are always available on the computer, tablet and mobile phone.

One of the most effective spam filers is always included in MagicMail. It is also possible to add an encryption service to MagicMail, which takes the data security of the e-mail on a whole new level.

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Magic SafeMail for accounting companies

A traditional e-mail does not have any security. Many of our accounting company clients are using Magic SafeMail because it is a completely safe and secure way to send all kinds of sensitive material, such as salary and personal information. The feature that all of our accounting company clients love is that the replies are also always secure in Magic SafeMail: if the recipient replies to the message sent via Magic SafeMail, the reply and its attachments will remain safe and secure.

In addition to MagicMail, Magic SafeMail can be added to other common e-mail systems, such as Microsoft Office 365.

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Magic ShareFile for accounting companies

The accounting company can store all the important files safely with Magic ShareFile. The service is produced in our Finnish data centers and is available on any devices. User permissions are easily adjustable, and each user has access to the right files whenever and wherever.

Magic ShareFile enables the company to send files to clients and vice versa effortlessly without e-mail attachments. The accounting companies can create folders for their customers in Magic ShareFile where the customers can upload all kinds of material directly for the accounting company. This way there is no need for e-mail attachments and all the files are automatically where they should be.

The reformed accounting act in the beginning of 2016 enables the storing of accounting material only electronically, which is why Magic ShareFile is an easy and secure opportunity for the clients to deliver electronical material to the accounting company.

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MagicService for accounting companies

At Magic Cloud, we help with all the issues and challenges regarding IT. Many of our accounting company clients have outsourced their IT support and maintenance to us because we know what the accounting companies need. We have over twenty years of experience with different accounting companies, which guarantees that we speak the same language with the financial management experts.

Whether you need help with servers, work stations, network environments or printing environments we are happy to guide you with all of our expertise. We also provide an excellent phone support for your use. In addition, we have plenty of experience of providing several cloud services for financial management software.

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Managing and sharing of files

Cloud library for managing and sharing the company’s files

ICT services and helpdesk

Maintenance and support service for servers, desktops and network devices. Customizable according to the client’s needs

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