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Magic Cloud – a human-sized technology company

Magic Cloud has been founded to serve people, not technology. However, we always develop and maintain our technological know-how in order to be able to offer the best solutions for our customers. We never hide behind the technology but listen with our own ears and interact with our own faces – we exist just for you and your company.

The principles of the customer-oriented service has been a central part the journey of CEO Timo Haapavuori for decades. The employees of Magic Cloud want to cherish the same principles: individuality, understanding and friendliness.

We do all of this without forgetting the data security. Our data security has always been one step ahead of others, and we keep developing it further as it is a current and ever-continuing process. We work together with companies including F-Secure, D-Fence and Deltagon so that our customers can sleep soundly.


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